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If you’re passionate about uplifting women in your community and worldwide, work with us to create the change you want to see!

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In March 2015, when the liftUPlift team struggled to find stock images for the site that depicted diverse, empowered women in action, they rallied 22 of Chicago's most powerful women leaders together for a photoshoot. The event, sponsored by Creative Coworking (venue) and Finding Ferdinand (makeup), was a defining moment for liftUPlift. Since then, Corielle and her team have made it part of their mission to create a culture that authentically represents women and inspires girls to love themselves and each other. No stock photos are used on liftUPlift.com; instead, real photos of real women fill the site.
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“I love growing my business by uplifting other women!”

– Corielle Laaspere, liftUPlift Founder & Chief Alliance Builder


Grow Your Network

Connect and collaborate with our alliance of entrepreneurs, investors and influencers!

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  • Welcome call plus follow-up introductions to Allies who align with your goals
  • Tools, templates and sponsorship to connect and uplift women in your community
  • Find trusted partners and get exclusive discounts with other liftUPlift Allies, i.e. 15% off all legal services from Meyer Law


Grow Your Brand

Share your story and your latest news through our blog, social media, newsletters and more!

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  • Video interview with liftUPlift Founder Corielle Laaspere to share your story on our blog and social media
  • 30 posts (1 per day) about your business on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Email us your latest news and promos to include in our weekly newsletters


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Open a liftUPlift store or join our referral network to reach new customers worldwide!

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If your business is at least 50% women-owned…

  • Open a liftUPlift store and list unlimited items for sale at no additional cost
  • Create a profile for our referral network, with a promotional offering exclusively for liftUPlift Allies

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