About Us

Our Companies:

liftUPlift is two companies: a technology platform and a non-profit, united by our mission to empower women worldwide. Our global marketplace and social network connects women entrepreneurs and consumers. We make it easy to find and shop from women-owned businesses with great products and benevolent agendas.Sellers contribute 5% of every transaction to our 501(c)3 nonprofit, liftUPlift Worldwide, which is dedicated to ending violence against women.

Our Story:

liftUPlift was founded in Chicago in 2014 by Corielle Heath Laaspere, an extremely passionate entrepreneur on a mission to empower women worldwide.

“liftUPlift is a unique technology platform…inspired, created and supported by women who are passionate about uplifting other women. As liftUPlift grows, the inspiration grows along with it.” – Ari Krzyzek, Owner of Chykalophia, liftUPlift Founding Ally

Our Team


Renaissance Women Council

Members of the Renaissance Women Council are helping liftUPlift build a diverse international alliance of women makers and entrepreneurs. These women work along side our team at liftUPlift to create a community where women entrepreneurs thrive and young girls can be inspired.


Natasha Casanova, Founder and Owner of Kathmandu Yogi


Keisha Howard, Founder at The BlazeBreakers, CEO & Founder at Sugar Gamers

Ari Krzyzek Chykalophia

Ari Krzyzek, Creative Director at Chykalophia, Co-Founder of Creative Women’s Conversations

Makeda Ricketts

Makeda Ricketts, Founder of PinkThink

Karen Torres

Karen Torres, Founder of Tulia’s Artisan Gallery

Colette Chreitin

Colette Chrétien, Founder/Creative Director of La Fille Colette

Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 7.16.21 PM

Silvana Favaretto, Founder of The Tulle Project


Fetesha Downs, YShop @ YWCA Chicago


Julie Kramer, Founder of Shift Clothier Inc.


Tiffany English, Founder of Velvet Style PR and Marketing


Nora Brathol, Founder of Arka Pana Consulting


V.P. Solutions, liftUPlift Worldwide