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liftUPlift’s Certified Women-Owned Business logo is exclusively licensed to liftUPlift Allies.

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liftUPlift Allies are trusted women entrepreneurs upholding high standards of quality and social responsibility. They combine their knowledge, resources, and influence to uplift one another. We work hard to build partnerships between our Allies, not only for their mutual empowerment, but also to promote global peace and prosperity!

Alliance members login to purchase special event tickets and premium promotional services, including social media posts, news distribution, video interview, event sponsorships, and more!

Member Tires

Alliance Membership | $10/month


  • Profile and optional online store on
  • Access to Allies-only business templates and resources
  • Monthly mentions on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • License to use our Certified Women-Owned Business logo

Alliance Incubator Membership | $500/year


  • Everything included with Official Membership, PLUS…
  • PR Coaching (1 hr/month)
  • Blog and Video Interview
  • Four Ticket Vouchers redeemable for any liftUPlift event
  • Exclusive Apparel and Gear

Request to join our Alliance via email at the top of the page or start by joining our Facebook Group!

Allies Say…

“liftUPlift has done so much to support me and the Boss Lady Retreat and get my event in front of media and a national audience. It makes a WORLD of difference when someone has your back and I can’t say enough about this amazing Alliance and what they do for their members!”

Lacey McLaughlin, Founder of Idea Dinners and The Boss Lady Retreat, liftUPlift Ally since 2017

“I love that liftUPlift events like the Ally Awards give us the opportunity to connect with so many brilliant and influential people who support women-owned businesses.”

Tiffany English, Owner of Velvetstyle PR

liftUPlift Alliance Member since 2015

“In 2015, we launched InvestHER Ventures, the first venture capital fund in Chicago to invest in only women-led tech companies, and there are so many synergies with liftUPlift! I have a genuine desire to help women prosper and enjoy success, so supporting liftUPlift is only natural.”

Cayla Weisberg, Founder of InvestHER Ventures

“One of my goals as a person and an entrepreneur is to support women-owned businesses whenever I can, but they’re kind of hard to find. I love that liftUPlift makes it easy to find and support other women’s businesses with our wallets, all in one place!”

Karen Hawkins, Founder and Editor of Rebellious Magazine for Women

“liftUPlift is an excellent example of the extra care women put into everything they do, and that’s something everyone can feel good about supporting.​”

Jeannie Galluci, Orchidea OrganicliftUPlift Alliance Member since 2016

“liftUPlift is a unique technology platform…inspired, created and supported by women who are passionate about uplifting women​. As liftUPlift grows, the inspiration grows along with it!”

Ari Krzyzek, Chykalophia

liftUPlift Alliance Member since 2014