My Super Power:


Why I love what I do:

Freedom and fulfillment

Why I support liftUPlift:

There is nothing I would rather do with my life than uplift other women.

Advice for my younger self:

Stop trying so hard to be normal. You are special.

What inspired me to start liftUPlift?

I have always been so proud to be a woman.

I owe that to my Mom. She has occupied a position of power since the day I was born, and she has always used her power to uplift others.

Women use their power for good.

Women’s economic empowerment is especially good for everyone. In the developing world, women reinvest 90% of their earnings in their families and communities, compared to 30% for men.

Business is the most powerful force on earth.

Women own less than 1/3 of the world’s businesses. Even though American women started over 60% of new US businesses since 2002, female entrepreneurs received less than 3% of money invested in new businesses.

Women drive the global economy.

Women control over 70% of global consumer spending, roughly $28 trillion per year.  The problem is, according to a landmark study by the Harvard Business Review, female consumers feel their needs are misunderstood and vastly underserved by businesses.

We need an easy way for consumers to support women-owned businesses.

Connecting women’s purchasing power to female entrepreneurs is an obvious solution to our two-sided problem, so I couldn’t believe there was no easy way to shop from or hire women.  There was no marketplace, directory or public database of women-owned businesses, and they are not easy to find.

That’s what inspired me to create liftUPlift.

When I started seeking and finding women entrepreneurs, I noticed a higher level of quality and service, and more importantly, I discovered a whole new world of brilliant innovations designed by women to serve women better. I wanted it to be easier to support and shop from women entrepreneurs, and that’s what inspired me to create liftUPlift.