liftUPlift Renaissance Women

Stories to inspire you, from 21st-century Renaissance Women creating the change they want to see in the world!

Tricia Meyer, Owner/Principal

Meyer Law, Ltd, Chicago & Colorado

Kate Marie Grinold Sigfussen, Founder

Babies4Babies, Chicago

Karen Hawkins, Rebelle in Chief

Rebellious Magazine For Women, Chicago

Silvana Favaretto, Founder/Designer

The Tulle Project, Chicago

Sharon Schneider, Founder

AIM Local, Chicago

Lori Andre, Founder/Owner

Lori’s Shoes, Chicago

PJ McGuire, Founder/Inventor

Wrapperoo, Chicago

Terry Ntovas, Founder

YASOU Skin Care, Chicago

Tania Rodamilans and Julie Kramer

Common Thread, Chicago

Nicole Meyerson, Editor

Groupon, Chicago