What it means to be an Alliance member

liftUPlift Alliance members are role models, change makers, and collaborators.


Collaborative Spirit

Collaborative Spirit is the essence of liftUPlift. While women are positioned as competitors in the world, liftUPlift repositions women as Allies. Joining the liftUPlift Alliance means that you are  sharing your knowledge and skills with other Alliance members and receiving the same in return.


Commitment to Our Mission

Companies who join liftUPlift all share a commitment to not only entrepreneurship, but also empowering women worldwide. Our Allies deeply believe that women are stronger together. Membership means growing your business by helping other women do the same. 


Positive/Inclusive Environment

liftUPlift Alliance members are the positive change we want to see in the world. As the name suggests, liftUPlift is all about giving women the resources to succeed. The positivity of the Alliance creates a soul-enriching experience for everyone involved.