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We verify that every business in our Alliance is not only 50% owned by one or more women, but also committed to upholding our high standards for quality and social responsibility. Identifying, connecting and elevating outstanding women business owners is a cornerstone of liftUPlift’s mission.

Usage of the liftUPlift Certified Women-Owned Business logo is available exclusively to active members of the liftUPlift Alliance. The benefits of Alliance membership go far beyond certification and the use of our logo.

Our Alliance accelerates growth for women-owned businesses by creating promotional opportunities and providing access to customers and clients worldwide, through our global marketplace and directory.

Membership also connects you to our vast community of women entrepreneurs, as well as investors who believe in the leadership potential of women, and strategic partners who align with your goals and vision. Alliance members also have access to mentoring, education, events and other opportunities to build valuable business skills and relationships.

Value of Alliance Membership

liftUPlift is the only global certifier, directory and marketplace for women-owned businesses. Join our Alliance to be found by customers, businesses and government agencies worldwide, seeking to hire and purchase from women-owned businesses.

“One of my goals as a person and an entrepreneur is to support women-owned businesses whenever I can, but they’re kind of hard to find. I love that liftUPlift makes it easy to find and support other women’s businesses with our wallets, all in one place!”

Karen Hawkins, Founder and Editor of Rebellious Magazine for Women

“liftUPlift is an excellent example of the extra care women put into everything they do, and it makes it easy to make a difference just by shopping!​ That’s something everyone can feel good about supporting.​”

Jeannie Galluci, Orchidea OrganicliftUPlift Alliance Member since 2016

When you become an Alliance member, you are entering a promotional contract with liftUPlift, which includes promotional support through our social media accounts for your news, events, products and promotions. For our marketplace sellers, we post each of the products in your liftUPlift store to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. For our preferred contractors and service providers, we include your profile, interview and contact information in the welcome kit for each new Alliance member.

“liftUPlift has done so much to support me and the Boss Lady Retreat and get my event in front of media and a national audience. It makes a WORLD of difference when someone has your back and I can’t say enough about this amazing Alliance and what they do for their members!”

Lacey McLaughlin, Founder of Idea Dinners and The Boss Lady Retreat, liftUPlift Ally since 2017

“liftUPlift does the difficult, important work of finding and vetting women who are providing services and creating products that are worth our time and money, in a moment when a lot of us want to make sure our spending lines up with our values. I also love learning stories of women following their dreams, which liftUPlift does a fantastic job of highlighting.”

Heidi Stevens, Columnist, Chicago Tribune

We work hard to connect and build partnerships between the members of our global Alliance. When you join, our team will interview you in order to make direct introductions to Allies who align with your partnership goals. Our members can also use the social network on this site to find and connect with other women entrepreneurs.  Included with your first year of Alliance membership, you get tickets to all liftUPlift signature events in Chicago for one year, so you can make connections and build relationships face to face.

“I love that liftUPlift events like the Ally Awards give us the opportunity to connect with so many brilliant and influential people who support women-owned businesses.”

Tiffany English, Owner of Velvetstyle PR

liftUPlift Alliance Member since 2015

“In 2015, we launched InvestHER Ventures, the first venture capital fund in Chicago to invest in only women-led tech companies, and there are so many synergies with liftUPlift! I have a genuine desire to help women prosper and enjoy success, so supporting liftUPlift is only natural.”

Cayla Weisberg, Founder of InvestHER Ventures

We are 100% dedicated to helping the women in our Alliance achieve their business goals and create the change they want to see in the world. That means we are constantly creating new solutions as we learn about their needs, and we are always brokering new opportunities that advance them and their enterprises.

“liftUPlift is a unique technology platform…inspired, created and supported by women who are passionate about uplifting women​. As liftUPlift grows, the inspiration grows along with it!”

Ari Krzyzek, Chykalophia

liftUPlift Alliance Member since 2014

“I love supporting independent businesses, particularly those that are owned or managed by women. We truly are stronger together. I was thrilled to offer Creative Coworking as the venue for a liftUPlift photoshoot a few years ago, showcasing women in the workplace. More recently, I was pleased to host the launch of liftUPlift’s sexual assault prevention workshops. As a survivor of sexual assault, that was particularly impactful for me.”

Angela Valavanis, Owner of Creative Coworking, liftUPlift Alliance Member since 2015

“I support liftUPlift for so many reasons, starting with the founders, Corielle and Rachel. They really care for and cherish women. Their vision and mission are inspiring, as is the way they build community and their nonprofit work to end violence against women.”

Silvana Favaretto, Founder of The Tulle Project

liftUPlift Alliance Member since 2016