Network Access. Use the direct messaging and groups tools on our platform to connect and collaborate with women entrepreneurs and other liftUPlift partners. Directory Listing. All members can create a local listing for their business in our directory. Online Store. Members who make nontoxic products can open a liftUPlift shop and sell in our marketplace to customers worldwide. Social media promotion, including introductory video interview. Exclusive discounts on products and services from other members.



“When I have the opportunity to support another women in business, I do it. I recently met [liftUPlift Founder] Corielle in person and was so inspired by her personality and drive. She makes you feel like anything is possible. I want more women to feel that way.”

Emily Lonigro Boylan, Founder of Lime Red Studio

“In 2015, we launched InvestHER Ventures, the first venture capital fund in Chicago to invest in only women-led tech companies, and there are so many synergies with liftUPlift! I have a genuine desire to help women prosper and enjoy success, so supporting liftUPlift is only natural.”

Cayla Weisberg, Founder of InvestHER Ventures

“I support liftUPlift for so many reasons, starting with the founders, Corielle and Rachel. I can’t explain my love for Corielle in words! They really care for and cherish women. Their vision and mission are inspiring, as is the way they build community and the non-profit part of it.”

Silvana Favaretto, Founder of The Tulle Project

“One of my goals as a person and an entrepreneur is to support women-owned businesses whenever I can, and I love that liftUPlift makes that happen! Women need to vote with our wallets, and I think we should all be making it a priority to fund not only women’s nonprofits but women’s businesses, too.”

Karen Hawkins, Founder and Editor of Rebellious Magazine for Women