Q & A with Karen Hawkins

Karen Hawkins is the editor and “Rebelle in Chief” of Rebellious Magazine for Women, which delivers a unique feminist perspective on Chicago news, events, politics and culture through original articles, essays and interviews. Karen and Rebellious support women-owned and women-operated businesses and organizations through editorial coverage and business partnerships. We are thrilled to recognize her with an Ally Award for her outstanding work to uplift women in Chicago and beyond!

Q: What inspired you to become a champion of Women Power?
A: I come from a family full of strong, empowered women, and something that inspired me early on was the realization that not everyone had the same experience of watching women exert their power educationally, financially, in relationships — everywhere. Advocating for women, to me, includes showing them what’s possible and encouraging them in all areas of their lives.

Q: What do you love about what you do?
A: So many things! I love working with writers, especially those who I consider fellow refugees from mainstream media who did not find traditional newsrooms to be a safe place. I love telling women’s stories and creating a space for women to tell their own stories. I also love interacting with our readers, who are an incredibly smart and engaged group of people.

Q: What are you looking forward to in the year ahead?
A: More opportunities like the Women’s Marches for women to make their voices heard, more collaboration in different women’s communities and more women running for political office.

Q: Why do you support liftUPlift?
A: One of my goals as both a person and an entrepreneur is to support women-owned businesses and organizations whenever I can, and I love that liftUPlift is a place that’s making it happen! Women need to vote with our wallets more than we do, and I think we should all be making it a priority to fund not only women’s nonprofits but women’s businesses, too.