Loom Chicago is a branch of the Catholic Charities refugee resettlement program. They help refugee women who are skilled artisans collaborate with local Chicago designers. These partnerships allow the designers to produce their goods locally and by hand, while enabling women to leverage their talents to uplift their refugee families.

Loom Chicago is a member of the liftUPlift Alliance, and we invited them to our Chicago showroom to host our weekly “Lunchbox Lesson” and connect with other women designers in our Alliance. That’s how they met Tania Rodamilans, jewelry and fashion designer by day, oil painter by night. Tania was able to host a workshop for Loom Artisans, and teach them how to create her jewelry using her preferred techniques.

Now, she employs artisans from Loom, and they help her create and sell more jewelry. It’s a beautiful example of lifting yourself up while uplifting other women.

Visit Tania’s liftUPlift store!