There has never been more momentum around Women Power worldwide! On January 21, 2017, over 4 Million people participated in the Women’s March on Washington D.C. or in sister cities around the world. liftUPlift Founder and CEO, Corielle Laaspere, was a marshall at the Women’s March on Chicago. She took that opportunity to interview as many people as possible about why they were marching. Their responses will surprise and inspire you!

After the March, Corielle joined Cook County Commissioner Bridget Gainer in hosting a meetup of Off The Sidelines Chicago, on the topic: “What’s next after the March?”

One question that was asked stands out: “Is there a unified message for this March, which ignited activism on so many issues?”

We believe it is super important to answer this question for two reasons. First, Saturday’s March was not a “protest,” but rather, the beginning of a movement. We didn’t show up by the millions just to complain…we showed up to create the change we want to see in the world. And movements need strong messages. 

Here’s a start: Based on the interviews above, the March was a demonstration of our commitment to protecting progress and securing human rights for everyone.

The second reason it’s important to have a unified message that encompasses all our objectives is that feminist movements have a sad history of dividing and falling. In the early 1970s, feminists were winning legislative victory after victory, until Roe v. Wade divided women and reduced the movement to the debate over abortion. We have not been able to move past that moment.

Our movement needs a message/mission that transcends any single issue. We need to learn from the women who went before us and leave room for disagreement on a single topic, while remaining an indivisible force for progress and equality.

Please – share your thoughts in the comments on this page. We’d love to hear your input re: message and the highest goal of our movement!