Meet Silvana Favaretto, Founder of The Tulle Project, interviewed by liftUPlift Founder Corielle Laaspere at our Chicago showroom.

Corielle: What inspired you to start your business?

Silvana says:

There is this idea that if you want to be powerful and successful, you need to wear more suits and dress more like men. I don’t like that! I want to see Tulle skirts in the boardroom!”


Corielle: What do you love about what you do?

Silvana says:

I am incredibly feminine. I will wear makeup and do my hair and wear heels and skirts all day because I think it’s FUN. Not because I want to be perfect, but because I think it’s fun. And women love that. I have had so many positive responses from women when I started wearing the Tulle skirts.


Corielle: Why do you support liftUPlift?

Silvana says:

“I want to have more friends who are women out in the world doing amazing things!”


Visit her liftUPlift Store

When you purchase through this site, Silvana donates a portion of the sale to our affiliated 501(c)(3) nonprofit, liftUPlift Worldwide, empowering our allies to end violence against women in their communities.